Around the world, there is a two-track education, similar to the two-track gymnasiums where at the beginning there was only a general course, and when boys and girls like Newton, Gauss and Sofia Kovalevska appeared, natural courses were introduced along with the general course in the gymnasiums. By registering a private association of mathematicians, I, as a responsible person, came to realize that people who have a general high school education do not know how to work on solving mathematical problems, i.e. of the industry of the sun as a mathematical star, which represents my one hundred percent mathematical basis of interest in the letters I sent to the London Mathematical Society for MUN registration and the German Mathematical Association for MEU registration. My proposal for the introduction of two-way education in the world and the letter I sent to the German Mathematical Association is a proposal for the introduction of two-way high school education in Europe, like the one they have in the USA and in other countries, all of whom would be one hundred percent collaborators of the London, i.e. Woolsthorpe MUN.

MUN mathematicians would prove mathematically that there are no differences between mathematics and life, i.e. that life cannot be interrupted, just as mathematical continuity cannot be interrupted. Then, for every human being to realize that Sir Isaac Newton is the author of mathematical, i.e. industry of the sun as a mathematical star, and that MUN mathematicians in their countries should work on solving the problem of building mathematical, i.e. industries of the sun, I repeat, as a mathematical star. Building a mathematical industry implies that MUN mathematicians set and solve the problem of constructing a mathematical receiver, and thus, with Sir Isaac Newton’s mathematical knowledge, they would initially solve the problems of building factories that would produce the mentioned mathematical receivers, which would not be a complex problem for MUN mathematicians. A complex problem would be how to construct a factory that would produce mathematical drinking water, i.e. drinking water for all times in unlimited quantities, using the energy obtained from the sun as mathematical star, with Newton’s knowledge of mathematics.

Along with the proposal for the logo, I also suggest to the leadership of the London Mathematical Association that, in cooperation with the British authorities, they organize a referendum in which the people of Britain will be asked the question: “ARE THEY IN FAVOR OF MOVING THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY FROM LONDON TO THE PLACE OF WOOLTHORPE, THE BIRTHPLACE OF SIR ISAAC NEWTON, WHICH WOULD TRANSFORM THIS SOCIETY INTO THE MATHEMATICALLY UNITED NATIONS (ABBREVIATED MUN): YES OR NO.” If the majority of British people answered YES, British lawyers would write the MNU CONSTITUTION, STATUTES AND PROGRAM.

All Britons who circle YES, at the same time will send a message to the world that Sir Isaac Newton will be an example to follow throughout their lives. Moreover, I will propose to the authorities in Serbia that Serbia becomes an initial member of the WOOLSTHORPE MATHEMATICALLY UNITED NATIONS.

In the STATUTE of the MUN, it would be written that a member of the MUN can only be a country in which a referendum on membership was previously organized. According to the STATUTE, the organization of the referendum would be legally binding for the governments of all registered states.

Mathematically United Nations imply the mandatory calling of a referendum as an initial problem to be solved by states interested in MUN membership.

Mathematicians of the MUN countries would solve the problem by building a mathematical, i.e. industry of the sun as a mathematical star in their countries to enroll all residents of their countries on the payroll of the sun, for an unlimited time and amount of money, and always, I repeat, the sun as a mathematical star.

The resolutions that will be passed are mathematical, which means that they can be proposed by any member of the MUN, and for its adoption it is necessary to secure five billion and one hundred thousand votes of the earth’s inhabitants, which they would secure through their representatives in the MUN. All staffers who would be employed in the MUN would have a binary education, which means at the beginning a compulsory top mathematics education, and at the end an education of their own choice, for example: mathematician-lawyer, mathematician-engineer, mathematician-financier, etc. They would have a similar education as the 18 members of the Swiss mathematician Bernoulli’s family.

All this would be written in the founding act, statute and program of the MUN.

Mathematicians of the ASSOCIATION OF THE SUN OF SERBIA will work on solving the problem so that every resident of Serbia continues to solve the mathematical problems of the knowledge of Sir Isaac Newton and Carl Friedrich Gauss throughout Serbia for an unlimited number of years, just as if Sir Isaac Newton and Carl Friedrich Gauss were still alive.

With unlimited respect,

Nenad Djukic